A year passed…

Wow. Time flies.

When I posted my last blog entry, I did not expect 1 year would pass before I would post again. Yet here we are. I just wanted to let you all now that I am fine, although the pandemic has (as for many others) had major impact on my life. I’m still working though, which is what I wanted to inform you about. With a lot of other talented people I just published an open-access article in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS).

We try to jointly simulate subsurface redox and geological architectures using 3D MPS simulation. I have been surprised of how well this turned out, given that this is not a trivial task of combining knowledge from geophysics, geology, geochemistry and geostatistics. I hope this applied work will inspire more use of MPS in mapping but also in considering how redox mapping can be performed without relying on the typical redox boundary modeling.

The article is available through the following link.

HESS – 3D multiple-point geostatistical simulation of joint subsurface redox and geological architectures (copernicus.org)

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The picture was taken at a beach in the northern part of Jutland in April 2021. I was going for a walk with my family and spotted this perfect minor scale geological outcrop, that I had to take a picture of. It reminds me of how nature can be amazingly fractal-like sometimes, where this horizontal layering could easily also be seen at much larger scales. It also reminds me that there is actually a lot of interesting geology to see in Denmark if one opens his/her eyes 😊

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