Back with a bang!

“Guess who’s back, guess who’s back,….”

Those are the wise words delivered by the biggest music star of my childhood – Eminem. And like Eminem, I am also back working again (in the office!). And with a pleasant surprise. My paper on choosing between gaussian simulation and multiple-point geostatistical simulation has now been published in the paginated issue. The research tries to provide insight to how information content of ones data can inform the process of choosing which modeling tool should be applied in a given case. It attracted some nice attention at the recent geostats conference, where the question was also flipped by the brilliant Mohan Srivastava who asked whether one could also consider what kind of data information would be required if one had already decided in advance the modeling technique to be used. Interesting question, but I assume it is more relevant for most people to decide on a modeling tool once the data is collected and not prior to it. But maybe in the future one could imagine that data is collected in accordance with a preferred modeling technique? Could be nice.

Anyway, the paper is open-source and the link is here

Back to work and new paper out

3 months gone by of parental leave and now back to the office. There has been a lot of catching up the last week. Just the checking email took a few hours 😀 Good times. Been working on some nice new stuff in Python these last days. Nice to be working with some geostatistics again. Currently working on a tool that should bridge some of the gaps between 3D geological models and. Looking forward to have it ready for testing within the next weeks. Just installed pyvista and the plots look gorgeous. It’s build on VTK and has a very user friendly integration into python. A big shoutout to In other news. Finally my newest paper is out in early access format. The title is “Estimation of a non‐stationary prior covariance from seismic data” and was the final piece in my PhD puzzle. I am really excited that it is out now and it is a great reminder of my co-author Henning Omre who has now retired. What a personality and character. You taught me so much in such a short amount of time. Please feel free to check it out.

P.S. What a message to return to… I’ll take care of your plants Hyojin 😀