That’s it

Just received my second jab of Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday. But what is up with all those empty chairs? I spoke with the injector afterwards and asked her about it. She said that they are dimensioned for 1500 people per day, but currently only had about 400 through the doors each day. She hoped it was just due to holidays, but I am afraid it is just laziness or ignorance on behalf of the invited. I hope I am wrong. It really is flabbergasting to think about about the level hesitancy there is with these vaccines. We are so fortunate in Denmark, that all who wants a vaccine can have one. What about some consideration for all the places around the world where there is dire need for vaccines. The main argument I read in the news is that people are concerned over long-term health issues if thry receive a vaccine. What a lame excuse…

What about the long-term health concerns of catching COVID-19? That has actually been seen in all to many cases and this is okay to you? What the hell?

So many empty chairs in waiting room…

And even if you are dumb enough to think that the health risk is somehow lower for catching COVID-19, then you should still feel obliged to do it for the most vulnerable and those who actually are allergic to vaccines. Vaccination is such a rare instance of doing what is best for you is also what is best for society at large. Win-win. It is as simple as that.

I am not going to convince anyone with this rant. It is just not very constructive. If you know of anyone who are either a sceptic or hesitant, please urge them to listen to the latest podcast episode from Sam Harris. In contrast to his other episodes, this one is free in order to increase awareness about the misinformation regarding the vaccines and COVID-19 that keeps circulating social media. The link is here.

Peace out and happy vaccination everyone ☺️