New layout…

and I moved the website into a new web domain. From now on it can be accessed at Guess I need someone to actually visit the site now. And who am I even writing this for? At this point in time I probably have to consider it an open access diary. My very own echo chamber. At least it creates a bit of content in the blog archive. I am also new to all this blogging. One can only learn by doing it. Same for coding!

Added some tags this time around. For fun!

Website up and running

Or at least partly. My own personal website is now online. Just spent the last couple of evenings playing around with wordpress and decided to go ahead and create a universe around all that is Rasmus Bødker Madsen. The site is still under construction (just as the house we just moved into) and will be further updated in coming weeks when time allows. For now the site will feature a static frontpage with featured research, a page with all research, relevant contact information and a blog.